List of kids parks in san jose.
With around 193 regional and neighbourhood parks, San Jose has got plenty of places for affordable or even no cost kids entertainment. An ideal weather, ensuring 300 days of sunshine in a year would give the best outdoor entertainment experience to your kids. There are tons of great kid friendly parks in the city of San Jose, our city guide will help you find the best kid friendly parks. You may have a hard time deciding what to do in San Jose, but we make your decision easy.

Jake’s Play Lot- San Jose, CA

List of kids parks in san joseMailing Address : 180 Woz Way
Camden Ave, San Jose
Phone : (408)866-4368


Near the intersection of Camden avenue and Little Falls, Jake’s play lot is a part of Parma Park. Fenced off from the nearby roads, Jake’s play lot provide a perfect place for toddler activity with maximum protection guaranteed. With a water play area and climbing wall it would give a lot of activity to the toddlers. your kids would surely enjoy the swings, small train vehicles, water play area and jungle gyms.

Westfield Play Park-San Jose

westfield-parkMailing Address : 4149 Littleworth Way Blossom Hill Rd & Hillview Ave
Phone :415 947-0585



A simple little playground located outside a large shopping mall in San Jose. Perfect for when your child has shopping overload.

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo-San Jose

happy-hollowMailing Address : Morgan Hill 1300 Senter Rd San Jose, CA 95112
Phone :(408) 794-6400



Happy Hollow Park & Zoo is located in Central San Jose’s Kelley Park, near the Japanese Friendship Garden. Happy Hollow is a perfect place to take the kids for a day out as it includes a zoo with all kinds of animals like jaguars, capybaras and monkeys. Happy Hollow is not just a zoo; it also features a park with rides like a carousel and a roller coaster, a petting zoo, shopping, and play structures. Happy Hollow also has a puppet theater, an animal hospital, and offers classes, programs and summer camps for kids.

Cataldi Park- San Jose

cataldi-parkMailing Address : 5401 Camden Ave 2900 Cataldi Dr, San Jose, CA 95132
Phone :(408) 794-7275



Cataldi park is clean, safe, and attractive. It has a rock climb wall. Three different playground sets. Two different swing sets. One sand play area. Most evenings there’s a pleasant atmosphere of families with children under age 10 or so.

Houge Park- San Jose

houge-parkMailing Address : Hollywood, CA, United States
White Oaks Ave & Twilight Dr San Jose, CA 95124
Phone :(408) 559-1221


Houge Park San jose is a fabulous place for picnics, family gatherings and to exercise! The track around the park is kept neat and clean. You can bike, run, walk and bring your pets on leashes. The neighborhood is quiet and family orientated.

Cahalan Park- San Jose

cahalan-parkMailing Address : 5337 Prospect Road.
Cahalan Ave and Pearlwood Wy, San Jose, CA 95123



The park has:

  • Playground and Tot lot
  • Big grassy lands
  • BBQ and Picnic areas
  • Restrooms
  • Basketball courts
  • Tennis courts

All-in-all a really nice park to come and kill a few hours and wear out the little ones at the end of the day, or meet up on the weekends with some friends and have a nice picnic.

Fowler Creek Park- San Jose

fowler-creekMailing Address : Various Locations in the City
Fowler Road at Cortona Dr
San Jose, CA 95109


The park is pretty large in size with a variety of areas to explore. It has tennis courts, two different playgrounds, BBQ/picnic area, an area for Bocce Ball, water fountains, bathrooms and a viewpoint that overlooks East side SJ that has an echoing compass in the center of it. This park offers many things and I’ve been here for picnics, BBQ’s or just hanging out and messing around on the playground equipment. Lots of green grass for your pets to roam around, since they do allow pets as long as their leashed. The sunset is also amazing to watch. It’s so well kept here and carefully watched over by police at night.

Lincoln Glen Park- San Jose

lincoln-glenMailing Address : 1262 S. Bascom Ave.
Radio Ave & Curtner Ave San Jose, CA 95125
Phone :(408) 269-3356


A neighborhood park that was renovated in 2002 to turn it into a great place to play with equipment for all ages.This park is full of fun things to play on. For the 5-12 group, there is a huge elaborate structure with every conceivable type of item to climb, slide, or hang on. There is a bank of 4 swings nearby for when they need to take a break from all that activity. The 2-5 set has it’s own separate playground surrounded by a fence. All of the equipment here is either set directly on the ground or is extremely low profile. There is even a teeter totter large enough for parents to join their little ones.

Campbell Park Playground-San Jose

campbell-parkMailing Address : 1300 Senter Road.
Gilman Ave & E Campbell Ave Campbell, CA 95008
Phone :(408) 867-9959


Located at the heart of Milton Keynes, Campbell Park hosts many of Milton Keynes’ major festivals and events. Its imaginative mix of formal gardens, water features, woodland and open pasture mean it’s an ideal spot to enjoy the changing seasons.