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kids birthday parties expertCalifornia puppets  is a leader in kids birthday parties in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose and Contra Costa county. We specialize in organizing puppet show and ventriloquist acts for kids birthday parties in preschools, private homes, grade schools, kids party entertainment parks, festivals and other venues. Our kids birthday parties puppet show feature Jungle Joe, a professional puppeteer and ventriloquist residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. His unique style makes his shows both educational and tremendously entertaining. His passion for puppetry and love of animals are combined to bring you hilariously funny and educational puppet show. At California Puppets we understand the importance of a kids birthday parties celebration. We proudly strive to make that day special and memorable for your child and your guests as well. Our kids birthday parties entertainment packages have something special for everyone. Our kids birthday parties entertainment puppet shows are equally entertaining and engaging for both kids and adults. If you are looking for kids party entertainment that is engaging, educational and highly interactive, then you are in the right place. The kids birthday parties tips and ideas section on the website is full of tips and birthday party ideas that would make your event easy to organize. Whether you are looking for 1st birthday party ideas, or general kids birthday parties theme ideas, you will find tons of tips in our kids birthday parties article section. The hallmark of our entertainment services are our high quality professional puppets. We have a long list of visually appealing characters including animal puppets, bird puppets, insect puppets and people puppets. All our puppets are made in house; we are always bringing you new and whimsical characters. Whether you are looking for a kids birthday parties entertainment , a holiday party entertainer, a family fun event or any other special event entertainment, California puppets is here at your service. We also offer our puppet show for schools and libraries. Our educational puppet show packages are fun, engaging and full of interaction. California puppets offer professional puppets show in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Contra Costa and beyond…

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* Hello Joe! Thank you so much for braving the cold and your amazing show yesterday!!! It was so awesome and the kids and grown ups all lived it!! Thank you for helping make my sons birthday so special!! Livermore, California

Laura Millar


Are my children too old / young ?

No. I have shows for all age groups from pre-schoolers to adults. Mixed age groups are also catered for. If you are unsure – just give me a call! A First Birthday is a special time. Birthday Parties can be performed for 1 year olds, however the benefits will be for the family and friends in the audience. All my shows are interactive; the children will become involved in the show, where they can hoot and holler. And the Birthday Child is always the center of attraction.

Do you perform outdoors ?

Given the correct conditions, yes. Please do always have a contingency plan in case of inclement weather. Remember that high winds are as troublesome as rain. Usually, the San Francisco Bay Area weather is perfect for outdoor children party entertainment.

Do you work as a clown ?

I do not work as a clown. Some small children may find a clown scary. It realy depends on the performers style. I have made several clown puppets and I still use Whiny the clown in one of my family fun shows, such as children’s birthday parties, kids picnics etc.

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